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Arthur from Exmoor School Of Motoring has recently been made member of the year at the Motor Schools Association.
“He has always encouraged ADIs to become members of MSAGB and has also done much to
promote higher standards for driver trainers in his area"

Hello and welcome to Exmoor School of Motoring.

arthur_2You're looking for driving lessons but what you really want is a Driving Licence

Well, you've come to the right place because I can help you to get one.

Just imagine, no more waiting around for the bus after college if you finish early. No more getting to college on the only bus in the morning and having to wait half a day if your first lesson is in the afternoon. You can just jump in to your car and arrive and leave when YOU need to!!

No more relying on friends and family to take you to work or out socialising in the evenings and weekends. Complete freedom to do what you want and when you want!!

Now here's a fact for you.

Do you realise the national pass rate for driving tests in Great Britain is 47%*? That means that out of every 100 tests taken 53 are failing! You may think that's okay but I'm afraid I don't. I think it's scandalous. Pupils are only failing their test because they are not ready to be driving on their own when they take it.

With me, I will make sure you are ready when you take the test. I will not book your test until we are both in agreement that you are driving safely and well enough to be able to pass it. That is why I always do Mock Tests to confirm this. This is why my pass rate is consistently 75-80%. This means that out of every 20 tests my pupils take at least 15 are passing! Out of every 40 tests, 30 are passing! Out of every 100 tests, 75 on average are passing (not the national average of 47!!).

If you're worried about the new (Satnav) test coming in in December, then worry no more. I have been to several meetings on this subject and am fully ready for the changes. If you look on the next page on this site you will see all the things I have been involved in over my many years as a Driving Instructor.

All you need to do now is contact me on the ‘Contact Page’ and we will discuss your learning regime.

Take the next step to gaining your licence and your freedom!!

*Government figures.

Why you should choose Exmoor School of Motoring:

Very friendly and patient tuition
Beginners and experienced drivers welcome
Block booking discounts
First Time Rolling 12 month Pass Rate of 80%
Overall Rolling 12 month Pass Rate of 78%
I offer driving lessons in the following areas:

West Bagborough
I will be happy to pick you up from any location you desire, whether that be college, work or home.

You can book your theory test here.



01984 618858 or 07989 852274

Exmoor School of Motoring's driving courses...

Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and exciting time for anyone, which is why I offer calm and relaxing tailor made tuition for my pupils.

I am aware that learning to drive for the first time can be very daunting, which is why I welcome nervous drivers and take a very calm and patient approach to teaching. I will book all of my pupils tests so we are both prepared an available and will make sure we do a mock test to ensure you are ready.

I cover a wide range of West Somerset, so I make sure my services are very flexible and offer one, two and three hour lessons. My driving tuition rates are very competitive and I offer a discount on block booking courses.

I offer the following driving lesson services:

Learner driving courses
Pass Plus driving courses
Refresher driving courses
Semi-intensive driving courses
Theory test support
Mock practical driving tests
Motorway courses

My driving lessons are tailored to suit your individual requirements, whether you are a nervous driver or lack confidence, I will work with you on your strengths and weaknesses, getting you fully prepared for your driving test.

Call me to discuss your personal driving lesson requirements.